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Prior to the initial appointment, we send you a Client Information Form to complete. Then we schedule the meeting, it can be remote, or in person, depends on your preference. You will meet with one of our attorneys and discuss your objectives. We will guide you through your estate planning process.


We review the plan and ensure that you leave the meeting with a good understanding of your plan. Then your estate plan will be signed and  notarized, we will providing you with your estate planning documents  and next  steps to funding your trust.


Now your   done, we will keep in touch with you,  periodically updating you with all the changes with the law. Also  we will be guiding you on how to keep your estate plan current.

Affordable Estate Planning Attorney in Nevada

We are committed to providing the very best legal counsel and planning techniques. We dedicate our entire practice to estate planning, estate administration, special needs planning .

Estate Planning

securing your family’s future, especially your children and other beneficiaries is probably the biggest reason for everything that you are working so hard for at the moment.  Let us help you secure that.

Probate and Estate Administration

A step-by-step procedures for administering a person’s final affairs, whether he or she died with or without a will. The process of administering a person’s will is  “probate,”


A guardian is a person or institution appointed by the court to manage the affairs of another. Guardianships are commonly used for individuals who are incapable of making personal and/or financial decision

Probate Litigation

 Even the most carefully drafted will can be disputed after a person’s death, often by well-meaning family members
Sensitive issues and interpersonal conflicts that were unresolved during life  may come to  the  surface.

Special Needs Planning & Trust

Protecting and planning for individuals with special needs. However, you may find yourself confused by the options available to secure a stable financial future if you or a loved one is living with a disability.

Business Law 

Companies need experienced legal representation at all stages of the business lifecycle. Let us help protect your  business and interest. 

Estate Planning  Means Peace of Mind

Planning your estate is one of the most thoughtful and considerate things you can do for yourself and for those you love. Finding best estate planning attorney in Nevada can be hard but you came to the right law firm. 

Top affordable estate and will attorneys in Nevada

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is Estate Planning?

Your estate consists of everything you own. Your home, real estate, furniture, personal property, vehicles, checking and savings accounts, brokerage accounts, life insurance, and retirement accounts. To ensure your wishes are carried out the way you want. You need to provide a set of written instructions. You are making a plan in advance and naming whom you want to receive the things you own after you die. In the absence of it,  the State of Nevada will dictate otherwise.

If I Become Incapacated, Can I still Create a Will or a Trust?

Unfortunately No, so are your  family, children spouse.   This is the misconception out there, they must petition a court to declare you legally incompetent.  This process can be lengthy, costly and stressful. 

Why Should I Create a Will or Trust?

Proper estate planning puts you in charge of your finances,  and also it can  spare your loved ones of the expense, delay and frustration associated with managing your affairs when you pass away or become disabled. 

is Probate Ideal for my Family?

if you leave your estate to your loved ones using a will, everything you own will pass through probate.  The process is expensive, time-consuming and open to the public. Your spouse may have to apply to the probate court for  cash to pay current living expenses. This can be very stressful  process.   With proper planning, your assets can pass on to your loved ones without going through probate, in a way that is quick, inexpensive and private.

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